Performance Edge Hockey Development develops athletes who are encouraged to be creative with proper habits in our sessions so they know how to make the best decisions under pressure when it really counts.


We Love the fastest sport on ice, and we love what we do!!! We are a full service, year round hockey development company that specializes in all areas in hockey development. Performance Edge Hockey Development prides ourselves on the personal relationships we develop without athletes. We ensure athletes empower themselves to gain confidence, develop creativity and strive for excellence, on and off the ice, no matter what age or skill level.

With Performance Edge Hockey Development we not only educate our athletes is to the "know how's but also the why's. Knowledge is power, but if you are able to continually apply that knowledge in game situations, then that's all you have, is knowledge. If you don't use it, you loose it.

Your responsibility as an athlete is be the best possible athlete you can be. Through our approach we provide the necessary tools and teachings to help them achieve greatness. Through our safe and creative working environment we work hard, but most importantly we play hard too.


Every time we step on the ice, we show pride in what we do and how we approach each athlete differently. We understand that we are not robots, why train athletes like robots? We understand that each athlete is different. Each athlete has specific needs and wants. That is why at Performance Edge Hockey Development we adapt to each athletes skill sets and learning abilities.  We challenge their foundation, but most importantly we challenge their potential. We Change "Can't to Can" !


With Performance Edge Hockey Development, no only will you be challenged by unique, creative movements, but you will also be involved in a positive, intense and above all, a fun environment This is not just a "hockey program" its a full on hockey development experience.

Checkout our Service pages on what programs we offer individuals and teams and check out our camps sections on what specialized camps we offer in and out of our region. Check out our social media platforms to view pictures, videos, camp highlights and training material. We will see you on the ice.