Avengers Assemble!!!!

Join Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Captain Marvel and the rest of the Avengers at their first annual Avengers Assemble Hockey Camp for ages 2012-2015.

This 3/4 Camp Details Includes:
- 2 Ice Times Daily
- 1hr Avengers Workout
- Avenger Off Ice Games
- Game Day on Friday
and MORE.

On Ice Sessions Will Include:
- Power Skating - Strong foundation in skating mechanics
- Puck Control
- Passing / Shooting
- Small Area Games and MORE

Avenger style camp jerseys will be given at camp.
Welcome to our 3rd Annual Performance Edge Hockey Camp.

Each year our camp gets bigger and stronger and we look forward to an amazing camp in  2021.

This Full Day Camp Will Include:

- 2 On Ice Development Sessions
- Friday Game !
- Off Ice Player Development
- Outdoor Dryland
- Off ice games and activities
- Off ice Functional Movement Instruction
- Specialized Goaltending Instruction
- Low Coach to Player Ratio

Registrations will also include:

- Swag from TRUE 
- Swag from Sponsors
- Player Jersey (home / away / 3rd Jersey)
Skill Development Sessions-2.png
P1 Programs: 
2021 Pre Season Prep Camp
August is prime time to be getting back on the ice and Performance Edge Hockey Prep Camp is a great way to keep up to date on your development and prepare you for the upcoming season. Our Professional and certified skills coaches will run a 1 hour session for 5 days that will combine both skating, skills, cardiovascular endurance, battle and more. This high paced camp will help prepare players for their upcoming season and push the pace to push players reach their next level. 
For the younger age groups, our prep camp program will cover a wide variety of skills used in hockey. Each practice will be designed to cover specific skills each day. Sessions will be designed to fit each groups specific need and improve each individuals skill using age specific drills. 
All Friday Sessions Will Involve A Scrimmage.
- 1 x 60 Min On Ice Session
- 5 days a week
(Week 1 is only a 4 day clinic, Weeks 2-4 is a 5 day clinic and Week 5 is a 4 day Clinic– Price adjustment accordingly)
* Discounts codes available for multi week registrations - contact Justin via email to request. 
Players: 24 Max
Age Groups: U9 – Junior/Pro
Rink: Redcliff Rectangle

P1 Prep – Defence (August 9-13, 2021)

Our P1 Program offers a Defence Specific Program which will focus on technical teachings as well as game – like situations that are specific to defence.

Being a Defenceman is a dynamic position that necessitates superior skating, puck management, and decision-making skills. This camp is planned especially for defensemen who want to improve their game. 

The curriculum will concentrate on strengthening and teaching superior defensemen basic hockey skills, both defensively and offensively. Each ability is demonstrated with great technique and then dissected into its constituent pieces. Students are taught how to improve their weak areas so that they can continue to build their skills and progress to more advanced abilities. For defensemen, the curriculum teaches and emphasizes proper strategy, structure, and ability.

 Our professional Certified Skills Coaches will focus on areas of the game where defence specific skills are utilized in a game setting. Various skills required that are crucial for getting players ready for the upcoming season will be:


    • Proper Techniques For Backwards Skating and Transitions

    • Offence Zone Play

    • Shooting From The Blue Line

    • Winning Battles

    • Quickness and Deception

    • Positioning and Body Contact (U13 - U15 Group)

    • 1 vs 1 Play 

    • Defending Against Multiple Attackers 

    • Gap control

    • Puck Movement

    • Elite Passing

    • Shot Blocking 

    • Active Stick Defense 

    • Outlet Passing and Breakout Routes 

    • Defensive Zone Puck Retrievals

    • Shooting

    • Tactics for Sound Defensive Play

  • Players: 18 Max

  • Age Groups: U9 – Junior/Pro

  • Rink: Redcliff Rectangle

To book a 1-on-1, pod or a team training session. Please email Justin at justin@performanceedgetesting.ca

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